Yes, stop defending yourself.  It only makes things worse and no one EVER won a war by defending themselves.

Let’s put this in context, shall we?  The European Folk are at war.  They are at war with a sadistic desert death cult, and the Muslims they are using as their minion.  They have also brought up a contingent of traitors — mostly of European descent in the form of the ANTIFA. Finally, there is the assaults by the African terrorist group BLM.  To top it off, this desert death cult owns most of the banks, media and government outlets.  They have made it clear that their desire is nothing short of the genocide of European Folk, no matter where they reside on Earth.  If you know not of whom I speak,  well this may awaken you.



They are attempting a “soft genocide” at least at first.  When our number is low enough, they will finish us off with a hard genocide.

“Should we not then defend ourselves from such a threat?”  Again, no.  Nobody wins a defensive war.  There is room for defensive actions during the battle, no doubt, but hiding behind the fortress walls gets you defeated.  Okay, so, what do I mean.

If you were unaware before, you should be aware now after Charlottesville that “peaceful protesting” won’t work.  Not when you have the media and police in collusion with two terrorist groups (ANTIFA and BLM) to discredit, spin the message, and physically injure, in some cases permanently maim, all at the beck and call of their masters.  For that matter, “peaceful protest” has never worked for anyone.  Even viewing the 60s when the left was “peacefully protesting”, the then powers-that-be had no interest in listening.  Then came the violent protests…

“So, are you saying we should violently protest?”  No.  Violent protesting is called rioting.  If you thought the government was against you in a peaceful protest, just see what happens with a violent one.

No, what must be done is to go on the offensive.  That does not mean dressing up in mismatched sports equipment and skinny jeans and burning down the property of people you do not like.  It means you, I, WE move forward with what is in our people’s best interests.  Yes, that means practicing nepotism.  Yes, that means unfairly favoring our own.  Yes, that may mean screwing over outsiders.  In extreme cases, it may also involve violence when it comes to eliminating a threat to your or your family’s safety. These are common tactics of the Jew and they put their people first. Look at the great success it has brought them.

It is wasteful and fruitless to defend yourself from accusations of racism and Nazism.  If you are white and not far enough to the insane left, you are automatically a racist Nazi.  They have this argument sewn up and have a counter for every answer.  What is the solution?  Ignore them.  They WANT you to engage them and try to defend yourself.  Give them nothing.  At the most, give them ONCE, the following “If you think I am that much of a monster, you need to rethink how you are speaking with me.” Then proceed to continue with what is best for you, your family and your Folk.  It is time to stop defending yourself, and time to simply make forward progress.

The only opinions that matter are those of your inner circle.  This may hurt some to say, but your blood relatives do not always qualify for that distinction.  If your blood relatives turn their backs on you with all kinds of nonsensical accusations or actively work to undermine you, then let them go.  It’s not you turning on them, they turned on you and they deserve no loyalty in return.

You must also deprogram yourself from the idea that enemies are to be dealt with honorably.  The enemy has it codified in their holy books to deal with you unfairly.  Our forebears lost Europa to the christening sect of the desert death cult because they insisted on dealing honorably with dishonorable people.  No, if someone marks themselves as the enemy, they must be dealt with ruthlessly.  That not only includes, but emphasizes dealing with traitors.

So what are some things you can do personally?

For one, be and act intelligently.  When dealing with those outside of your innangarð, always talk above them.  Get out that dictionary and thesaurus and start using big words.  You always want to come off as the more intelligent and educated.  The “good ol’ boy” drawling together words and other forms of poor enunciation are no less functionally illiterate than those bawling ghettobonics.  It’s fine if you speak like that within your innangarð, but doing so with outsiders makes you sound as if you are an ignoramus, even if you are not.

Second, understand what you are doing.  Research topics of interest such that you can hold your own in a conversation.  If you for some reason want to debate politics and current events, you have to know what is going on as well as the histories of the people involved.  Limiting your knowledge to what will fit on an internet meme simply will not do.

Third, project force.  Having acquired the facts of what you will speak on, speak authoritatively.  Do not preface with mealy-mouthed apologetics such as “I’m not a racist, but….” or “I know some may get offended, but that;’s not my goal…”  No, just say it (and see the note above: have something to back up what you say).  Confident, outgoing speech goes a long way.

Physical projection.  Fitness and body shape do have an effect on how people deal with you.  If you look like you can’t hold your own in a fight, chances are you can’t.  Couple that with body language that lacks confidence, and you have a recipe for inviting attack — verbal, physical or both.  Fitness is a lifelong pursuit, and no matter where you are now, you can be better tomorrow.  Body language can be learned, but the confident walk tends to naturally develop as you develop the actual ability.

Part of the Will projection is in the body language because it stems from a true inner confidence.  However, there is more to it.  The people who walk around with their eyes half closed and mouth hanging open do not project any sort of strength of will and are in fact advertising as targets.  The guy with the slurred speech who cannot even bother to open his eyes is an easy target, generally, they will not even argue much, much less fight.   However, the one who is alert to his surroundings and mentally quick, which will often be tested in a short verbal exchange will often be passed by as a target because that person is seen as “turned on” and ready.

The less quantifiable part is the megin, or soulish power.  This is an amalgamation of one’s hammingja, the power of their shadow and the power of their fylgja.  That “dark, foreboding presence” you feel around some people is a powerful shadow.  The tugging that one feels when approached by someone is your fylgja warning you about them.  She may sense the power of the other’s shadow if you don’t or possibly is intimidated by the othe’s fylgja, as when we engage with another, our fylgja also fights their fylgja.  Your hammingja, of both personal and familial types is also something that can come into play.  Doing great deeds accomplishing difficult tasks, all feed into these.  Essentially taking the “hero’s journey” increases your soulish might.

Once you begin developing the Physical, Willful and Soulish might, pieces will more easily fall into place for you and you can take on and accomplish more difficult or dangerous tasks.  So not only does stay9ing on the defensive put you in the situation of fighting a losing battle, it develops none of these attributes that will get you to start winning, and be increasingly able to take the fight to the enemy, rather than just taking what they are dishing out.

For Blood Soil and Honour

For the Green Graves of Our Sires

Order of Odalists  / Black Sun Tribe

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Article originally written by Iron Bloods. Thanks for the superior work.

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