Ancestor Veneration

ODALIST 1 Ancestor veneration midgard-norse-mythology4 Ancestor veneration is a practice that nearly all animistic peoples, past and present, have shared, and the pre-Christian Norse and other Germanic peoples are certainly no exception. The dead remained in their community’s collective memory long after their passing, and were perceived to confer blessings upon the land and the people they left behind. This…

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The History of Britain and her People. by Survive the Jive

The History of Britain and her People. by Survive the Jive A talk I did in London on the subject of Britiain’s demographic history. I begin with the Ice age, cover the Neolithic revolution, the arrival of the Beaker folk, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, the blackamoors act of Elizabethan times and right up to present day HMS Windrush etc.

Wotanism in Today’s World

By Ron McVan Life is an ongoing battle of internal and external force. External force we all experience on a daily basis and it makes up the realities of our physical world. If we do nothing, external force will continue on its endless, timeless cycle regardless, as Nature and Universal Laws dictate. Internal force is the essence which motivates and…

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The truth about Viking berserkers

The truth about Viking berserkers Symbolising uncontrollable rage and bloodlust, Viking berserkers were fierce warriors said to have fought in a trance-like fury. But did such people ever really exist? Here, Kim Hjardar investigates Viking Berserker figures. The one on the left is wearing a helmet with horns. His companion wears the mask of a wolf or bear. Sweden, 6th…

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