Keep the Woden in Wednesday

Heimdallr created 3 classes of people. Jarls Karls, and Þrælls. The first Being of King’s or rulers class, the third literally translated means slave. The second somewhere in the middle. Science says the difference between the Irish and Norse DNA is minuscule. In fact oftentimes it is misinterpreted by these group’s offering your ancestry for VERY cheap. Which is something completely different and disturbing in it’s self, but another topic.

Well the Irish were heavily enslaved, by anglo-saxon British right up into colonial days and the Norse in the Viking era. Something you don’t hear the Irish bitching about and asking for money for, also another topic.

It is also said that the keltoi were thought to come from north of Greece. Traveling Westward, which would mean going through northern Europe. Germanic territory. I’ve often thought there are many similarities in practice of pre-christian time’s. As we know Woden=Continental Germanic, Óðinn= Scandinavian. Then there was a post about the God Lugos I posted awhile back, the Celtic 1 eyed spear Wielding war God with many other similarities. Bringing my argument that the celts may have became a Teutonic tribe, of sorts, in the years it took to make it to Ireland. However this is something we will never know due to the Christian influence and what St. Patrick represents. The removal of snakes(pagans) out of Ireland.

Now many will argue that being Scandinavian they would sometimes allow slaves(þræls) to become freemen(karls) and marry their keepers once they adopted the culture fully.
This is an argument used by many uni Heathens. My rebuttal would be above writing’s. This is also something we really can’t put truth or hoax to. Why… because how would we ever know. Almost all pre-christian Celtic artifacts were destroyed by Christians. Because they did not want people knowing their true ancestry. People who don’t know their heritage are less likely to oppose the rulers.

This is where today’s argument of not wanting to miscegenate comes in. If you take somebody’s heritage and culture from them And mix it all up, teach them from grade school to not seek out your own kind, hel teach them it’s perfectly natural to be homosexual. They are less likely to oppose what agenda they are trying to push.

Which brings me to being a Folkish practitioner of our ancestors polytheistic faith. Ásatrú, Heathen, Odinist. All relatively the same. Many don’t like to go by Ásatrúar because of the adoption of the word, especially in Europe, by Unis. I don’t like to go by simply Odinist because it makes it feel, to me, monotheistic. The fact remains that no matter which way you slice it it is a belief system of the pre-Xian northern European people. Not going by the name we have come up with for this belief system is a compromise in our beliefs. I’ve also heard identifying as a Heathen is disliked because of the original derogatory nature it was used. The fact remains, European traditions, practiced by Europeans. Keeps the traditions TRU. When we put emphasis on one being better than the other. We are only putting more division amongst ourselves.

The more we divide the more vulnerable we are. The more open we are to Liberal influence. We do not have a holy book, our ancestors did not have a name for this faith. Widening the gap is something Liberal’s want. This faith is one thing we hold dearly, barely clinging to it due to wanting to keep the faith European. All the while being deemed racist because of this. This is why I say Keep the white in Woden. Like the meme says keep Woden in Wednesday.

I guarantee well over 90% of Americans do not realize our days of the week are named after our God’s. This is due to Christianity. Now I may despise Christianity for what it did to our ancestry and faith, I do not despise every Christian. I myself found this way of life late. I grew up Christian, turned agnostic, and found our TRU Gods. As I feel many agnostic, fake Christian folks are still doing. And will continue to do as long as the message is presented. By fake Christian I mean those who identify as but do not practice. Obviously if people are not willing to be open to our natural way of life, they cannot be taught about it.

Carl Jung calls Christianity a strange schizophrenia of the Brain. I think his analysis of this is on point. When you think back to first finding this way of life, it’s hard not to allow a Christian influence in. It takes extreme and diligent studying to rid yourself of that. Thus showing, IMO, that many Christians are not against us. Rather confused, mislead due to 1000+ year’s of Christian rule through out Europe. Which in turn was brought to America.

In summary there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep our faith European. At the same time I feel there is good Christian European men and women who share similar, if not the same values as us. Unfortunately misled to think those are Christian values. Shunning our folk is a Christian move. Rising above this is what separates us from Christians. If we continue to allow divisions amongst our people, expect our children to be taught correctly in public schools about the importance of heritage, truth about history; then you have already lost what so many people rant about fighting to keep on social media. We are people of Deeds. By Deeds I mean living up to what we post. Simply posting about living the path of our ancestors, is not living the path of our ancestors. Build tribes/kindreds. Teach your children what most of us were not raised into. Be willing to work with and guide a Christian or agnostic. Break down the walls mainstream Liberal agendas have put up for us Europeans. We will all fall short of the 9. Yet we can’t stop trying to apply them, and yearn for more.
Hail the Gods, Hail our Folk, Hail our future.